UKGE was a Blast!

We had a fantastic time at UK games expo! On the 30th we gathered with many other great board game creators to play our games and share them to the masses. It feels like a life time since that was last able to happened.

We'd like to thank everyone how turned up, played and for the first time at an event bought Pet Evil. It was a humbling experience and one that completes Pet Evils journey from a simple idea, to a fantastic Kickstarter, and now a game available at retail.

We met some great characters at the event. The guys at All Maverick News stopped by for a game and had a chat with Joe. You can find there video here:

All Maverick Visits UK Games Expo 2021!

We also got to play Plant-Based Riot by the awesome people at Bubblegum Stuff. It's there first adventure into a table-top board game. You can check it out on Kickstarter now!

Plant-Based Riot Kickstarter

We can't wait to get out to the next show. In the meantime we've opened our new online shop were you can buy Pet Evil direct. Check it out today and get your copy!

New Pet Evil Store